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We help entrepreneurs like you, learn and grow together in a well-designed community.  When you join Profits to Wealth Mastermind as a MEMBER, you get access to a network of other founders & entrepreneurs.

This Mastermind is designed as a complete support system for the successful entrepreneur with their sights set on making the impossible possible.

Over 50 Years of 


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Your Mastermind Facilitators

Listen to what John Lee Dumas has to say about our Mastermind!

Founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, a business podcast where he interviews successful entrepreneurs.  His podcasts have received over 70 million downloads with 1 million monthly listens.

If you have a GROWTH and  FREEDOM mindset

to live a richly satisfying life of your dreams...


We only have a limited 8 spots for this Mastermind

If You're Looking For...

Exclusive Training

We all have different levels of education and training. Tap into this collective education so you don't have to spend the time and money necessary to educate yourself. Accomplish more in one year in our Mastermind than you can in a lifetime on your own. 

Individual Attention

Being in our Mastermind is like having your own advisory board or focus group. Having other successful business owners in your corner will provide the strategy and skills needed to achieve more than you ever thought could be possible.



The peers in your Mastermind group will become your biggest advocates and you will be theirs. The cross-pollination concept also works for idea generation. You will hear and share ideas that will generate exponential growth in your business.

In-Person Meetings

Due to the fact, our Mastermind group attendees are carefully selected, it is easy to get a great amount of synergy.

In-person meetings allow for a true connection as well as honest feedback, advice, and brainstorming.



One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is staying focused and on course, especially when there isn't anyone to hold you accountable. Your peers in the Mastermind group will hold you accountable to what you must do in order to reach your goals. 

Private Community

Cultivate a community for sharing your experiences, questions, and ideas via our Private FacebookGroup Page. Use Facebook as an instant access platform to connect authentically with your other Mastermind peers.

Is Profits to Wealth Mastermind For YOU?

Be open, be coachable, willing to push yourself, be fully engaged and have fun along the way. ​

Perform at the highest level in your industry and collaborate with other great minds to take each other to the next level.

Invest time to work "on" your business. Growing any business takes an investment of time and money. Anyone who will struggle to make the investment to join our Mastermind groups should not join. We don't want to put anyone in a financial bind. 

“Formal education will make you a living;

self-education will make you a fortune.”
- Jim Rohn

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What Others Are Saying About Us...

Matt Womack

Watkins Insurance Group

Being part of this  Mastermind has really helped me focus on my goals for my business. Getting to access the experience and knowledge of other business owners and bouncing ideas and issues off other business owners is invaluable. As they say, Iron sharpens Iron.

Stephen M. Putonti

Putonti Law Firm

This Mastermind is a strong accountability group where members are dedicated to learning and challenging each other's missions, goals, planning, and contribution to the community. Members share their strengths, weakness, and internal challenges and issues they face for honest and candid constructive criticism from the team.

Michael Paule


“As an Entrepreneur, it is important to stay focused on what is most important to successfully grow your business and work to eliminate unnecessary distractions. This Mastermind has proven to be an invaluable way to gain relevant and constructive feedback from other business owners who help each other work through the challenges that growing a business present.  

Artie Berne

ArTex Funding

Being associated with this  Mastermind Group is invaluable. Every business owner must know their goals, metrics, and numbers. This group has fellow entrepreneurs and business owners like myself that are going thru the same issues, problems, and experiences. It’s almost like having a virtual board of directors. If you want your business to accelerate, grow and thrive, then you should join this Mastermind group.

Our Masterminds Are Designed For Those Seeking To Grow 

and  Push TheLimits Of Personal Achievement.

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